EasyType keyboard originated in response to deficiencies and opportunities of the default iPhone keyboard. We, as designers, were part of the development from almost the very beginning to final completion and App Store release. We collaborated on this complex project in different stages from concept development, UI design, graphic work to marketing and web development for EasyType.

When EasyType teamed up with our studio, they involved us in further concept and UI design development. Our task was also to create all visuals, graphics, visual identity and marketing materials used for app's promotion.

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Mockups for emoji and numeric keyboard & companion app.


Material for all screens, visual identity, icons, themes.


App store & theme posters, video preview, social banners.


All functionalities of this keyboard were made for its purpose to make it easier and fun for everyone to type. We were trying to adapt it and test as much as we could to make sure that every gesture they have to do is immediately rememberable and feels natural. The best feature of this keyboard is probably scrollability. Since iPhone’s emoji keyboard can be scrolled left and right, in our case these directions have already been used, therefore we decided to redesign it and make it scrollable up and down.

Visual Identity

Every product or service needs to have a visual voice so people will recognise it from the competition. EasyType’s identity consists mostly from its most significant turquoise colour - a modern and neutral colour, as well as a symbol of easiness. The companion app is made of the two typefaces, currently used by apple as well. The feather, colours and font in the logotype symbolise easiness and writing itself.


Once the app was ready to be released, the step in marketing that would connect all social media, App Store and made EasyType recognizable online was to create a website. The development process of the website included the concept itself, graphic design, content marketing and finally implementation (highly customized WordPress theme) and SEO.

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Different marketing materials include representative pictures and a video preview for App Store, that are describing all features and functionalities. Apple’s strict requirements limited us in the creative process but we did our best to get the maximum out of it within the limitations, to make the concept understandable and to make sure that these materials will grab user's attention.