Guitar Duo

This project was made for two talented Slovak guitarists - Darina Jókaiová and David Hnat. Their repertoire consists mostly of classical guitar music and their own compositions. They have been receiving awards across the Europe both individually and as the guitar duo.
The first time they approached us, our task was to create a visual identity and a website for their musical ensemble. A year later, our paths crossed again and our task this time was to design a cover and a booklet for their first CD "Debut".

Visual Identity

When Guitar Duo approached us, they had a logo already they were not very satisfied with. We were asked to redesign it in a bit different way, that would match their style and music. They wanted us to keep it simple and our aim was to differentiate them from typical generic logos of classical guitar ensembles. We came up with a variety of different ideas but in the end we decided to stay loyal to the symbol of guitar in a bit different, typographic way.

CD + Booklet

Design for their debut album cover is very clean made mainly of white colour and wooden pattern, to unify it with their visual identity. The graphic element on the cover consists of two hands with two incomplete circles. Together they shape two guitar rosettes (that symbolise the duo itself) with characteristic rosette ornaments. Both booklet and cd are decorated with the same ornaments, however, while booklet’s dominant colour is white, inlay and CD are covered with a wooden pattern.


Despite great success and being well known within their community, Guitar Duo had a very poor website to represent themselves, besides their Facebook fanpage. Their main requirement for a new webpage was to make it easy to maintain content and since they previously had experience with content management systems, we decided to use Wordpress due to its user-friendliness. The webpage has a very simple and clear design.