Scan’Buy was a successful concept made by our studio based on Arla Food Innovation Challenge (part of the competition - Creative Business Cup) where our project was selected as one of the 6 finalists. Scan’Buy itself is a concept of a mobile app which is a new system of scanning products in shops through customer’s device. This system helps customers avoid long queues in shops and as an additional benefit they get reward points for buying ecological and almost expired products. They can use them immediately as a discount or they will have a possibility to save them or donate them for different campaigns, charities or competitions.


The process of observing people’s behaviour helped us identify specific human needs and based on it we could create different solutions which were tested on a variety of people. We decided to change the direction of our product and add an additional value that would support the original idea of decreasing shopping time. Based on this stage we included the problem of wasting food and created a prototype of a mobile app, which became after a few more smaller iterations our final concept.


Arla Food Innovation Challenge

Arla Food Innovation Challenge is a part of Creative Business Cup, a worldwide competition in Copenhagen, that is searching for innovative ideas in the food industry pointing out on specific problems that bother the world of today. 
Our project was selected as one of the 6 finalists of Arla Food Innovation Challenge and participated in the finals of CBC in Copenhagen, in front of a professional jury. Even though we did not win, we have received a very positive feedback and it was a huge success for us to be there.